Bitcoin has been forked over 20 times now. Some of these forks create forked coins, which have value and can be sold for more bitcoin. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible.


Bitcoin is an open-source project. This means that anyone can contribute code to the project.

However, sometimes developers disagree on some fundamental rules or the protocols which Bitcoin operates on. The developer may then commence a fork, which creates a split in the blockchain. These forks often occur at a specific block height, and any bitcoin addresses that had balances prior to this block height, would correspondingly have the new forked coin. Even if you no longer hold those Bitcoins today, you may still be able to access your forked coins.

So even if you have spent your Bitcoins at a later date, think of it as a company paying dividends. The fork height in this case, would be the ex-dividend date. your wallet will still contain the private keys necessary to retrieve your fork coins.

Fork.Claims is a service to help you retrieve these forked coins. Our simple one-step process can even help you dipose of the forked coins at the best market rate, and send the proceeds to your Bitcoin Address.


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